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Become the finest user-centric company: Our AI extracts priceless Product
Insights from customer interactions.

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We’re building the ultimate solution
for Product Insights

Capture user feedback from every channel, effortlessly and instantly.
AI Analysis
Enjoy the power of AI to automatically understand user pain points
Business Impact
Unlock Business-Impacting Product Insights from Structured Data

Capture user feedback

Every day, your company has customer conversations. Our connectors automatically collect them, giving you access to previously unattainable data.

  • Integrate Your Tools

    Stop Losing Critical Insights. We Collect Customer Interactions from Your Salesforce, Hubspot, Slack, Google Reviews, and More.

  • Connect your Forms and Surveys Effortlessly

    Submit Your Surveys and Questionnaires. We'll Expertly Manage Data Collection.

Automatically detect product

No More Manual Tasks. Our AI Provides Clear Insights into What Your Customers Love and Dislike.

User Pain Points
Get a real-time prioritized list of user pain points.
Hot Topics
We're building a word cloud of the hottest topics.
For each of the product insights, we provide you with your customers' sentiment.
RGPD Compliant
Our top priority is the security and confidentiality of your data.

Amplify Product Insights with Business Impact

Uncover the potential impact of resolving your product insights and prioritize initiatives aligned with your strategy.

Upsell Opportunities
Churn Risks
New Deal
Customer Satisfaction


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Globally engage tactical niche markets rather than client-based competently generate services.

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