Analyze every customer support ticket from Zendesk with AI to get insights.

Turn your customer conversations on Zendesk into business actions.

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Every day, your exchanges with customers become actionable data thanks to our Zendesk connector. Explore valuable information that was previously inaccessible.

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    Connect Gravite in just a few clicks to Zendesk and start harnessing the full potential of customer feedback.

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    Submit your surveys and questionnaires. We'll take care of data collection.

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with AI

Time-consuming manual processes are a thing of the past. Our AI provides clear information so you can make informed decisions in the blink of an eye.

  • Users' pain points

    Quick access to a list of users' pain points, sorted by priority.

  • Dynamic Current Trends

    We've designed a dashboard to help you effortlessly understand current issues.

  • Evaluating your users' feelings

    Gravite AI provides insight into your customers' feelings, enabling you to better understand their satisfaction.




insights into action.

With Gravite AI, conversations with your users are more than just comments. We turn it into concrete actions that help you improve your services. Never again let a valuable suggestion go unheeded

  • Actionable insights powered by AI.

    We've designed a dashboard to help you make the best business decisions as quickly as possible.

  • A deeper understanding of your customers' needs and expectations.

    Find hidden messages in customer support conversations with our artificial intelligence.

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“An incredible simplification of the process! What used to take hours to analyze is now done in a flash, all thanks to the power of Gravite AI.”

Sophie Moore

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