All product people should get closerto their customers.

Do it with the best tool.

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Work with confidence, putting
the customer first.

Enthusiastically engage cross-media leadership skills for alternative experiences.Proactively drive vertical systems than intuitive architectures.

  • Feature 1

    Centralize your users data

    Monitor your users and their desires for product improvement.

  • Feature 2

    Segment and analyse

    Segmenting your data users and gain valuable insights into what they are looking for.

  • Feature 3

    Send emails to your users

    Monitor your users and their desires for product improvement.


Plug in your business tools
and get started

Avoid distraction when it comes to features prioritization, focus on what brings value to both your business and your customers.



& Analyse

Discover the needs of your segments and prioritize based on your business and product goals.

For each of your users, you know what they need, and what their pains are.
Business first
Gravite allows you to better prioritize thank to your CRM data.

Send emails

to your users

To be close to your users, you need to be able to contact them easily. Staying focusedon customers has never been easier for product teams.

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