Feedback loop is crucial for the
sucess of your product

Simply collecting is not enough. With Gravite, you set up a complete feedback loop system.


Set up a feedback loop process

Feedback loop allows you to understanding user needs and issues, and improving user experience and product performance.

Collect Feedbacks
Collect and centralize your feedbacks automatically.
Sorting and analyzing
Identify trends and critical issues.
Communicate feedback results to
users and stakeholders.

1. Feedback loop process:

Collect Feedbacks

Stakeholers will not hear about Gravite. They will be able to stay on their usual tools and give you customer feedback in one click.

Public Form
A public form invites your
users to exchange with you.
Integrations to connect your tool
stack without any configuration.

2. Feedback loop process:

Sort & Analyse

Structure your feedback and visualize the trends you should
work onto further satisfy your customers.

People impact
Discover the impact your
developments will have on your customers.
Identify trends
Thanks to your user feedback, Gravite tells you what's important.

3. Feedback loop process:


Update users when you act upon a request or improvement without any effort, and increase user satisfaction & loyalty.

Contact your customers
in one click
Contact clients interested in the subject.Keep them informed of your progress directly from Gravite.
Keep customer-facing
teams up to date
Automatically the relevant information about what you're building to the right people in your company.
Contact your customers
in one click
Send updates to the right people, evaluate what you built by asking for feedback to the relevant users, directly from Gravite.

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