Integrating with Salesforce enriches customer relationship management by bridging actionable insights from customer feedback directly with Salesforce’s robust CRM functionalities.

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Integrating with Salesforce enriches customer relationship management by bridging actionable insights from customer feedback directly with Salesforce’s robust CRM functionalities.

This synergy enhances strategic decision-making and operational efficiency, leveraging’s data analysis prowess.

Here’s a detailed guide on setting up and utilizing this integration:

How to use

  • Feedback Submission: An intuitive form becomes accessible on Salesforce’s "deals," "contacts," and "company" pages for sales teams to submit user feedback efficiently. This ensures a streamlined process for gathering valuable insights directly within the CRM environment.
  • Customer Attribute Synchronization: Each piece of feedback is enriched with synchronized customer attributes from Salesforce, including essential details like First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone Number, Company Name, Deal Value, and Personas. This comprehensive data capture facilitates a deeper analysis of customer feedback and trends.
  • Insight Generation with "Revealer": Utilize the “Revealer” feature in Gravite to automatically generate insights on trending topics and customer pain points. This functionality parses through the feedback to highlight significant patterns and areas of interest.
  • Strategic Initiative Creation: Based on the insights identified, create targeted initiatives directly within Gravite. Each initiative can be tracked and managed from the “Initiatives” section, aligning team efforts towards addressing key feedback areas.
  • CRM Data Integration: The integration provides a clear view of the business impact of feedback topics, including metrics like the number of users impacted, ARR implications, and differentiation between customers and prospects. This visibility aids in prioritizing initiatives based on their potential business impact and customer satisfaction.
  • Progress Updates for Sales Teams: Sales personnel receive updates on the progress of strategic initiatives, ensuring alignment and informed engagement with customers based on the latest insights and strategic directions.

This comprehensive integration between and Salesforce streamlines the feedback analysis process, making it easier for businesses to act on customer insights and drive improvements in customer satisfaction and business performance.

How to setup

  1. Install the Salesforce Package: Begin by installing the designated package for the integration. Access the package via the provided link (Download Salesforce package) and choose the appropriate user profile for installation.
  2. Configure Gravite Integration: Log into your Gravite account, navigate to the "Integrations" section located at the bottom left of the interface, and select Salesforce. Proceed to click on "Add integration" to initiate the setup process.
  3. Generate Credentials: In the Gravite interface, generate the necessary credentials, which will include a domain and an authentication token. These are critical for establishing a secure connection between Gravite and Salesforce.
  4. Create a Remote Site in Salesforce: With the credentials in hand, proceed to Salesforce and create a Remote Site setting using the domain provided by Gravite. This step is essential for Salesforce to recognize and allow communications with Gravite.
  5. Activate Gravite in Salesforce: Navigate to the "App Launcher" within Salesforce, search for Gravite, and input the domain and authentication token from Gravite’s credentials section. This links both platforms securely.
  6. Integration Customization: Finally, customize your Salesforce interface to include the Gravite integration within your workflow. Click on "Setup" followed by "Edit page" to add the Gravite components to your Salesforce dashboard or specific pages like deals, contacts, and company pages.

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