Pipedrive x Gravite Integration

Transform your sales teams into product teams and drive customer-centric innovation by integrating Pipedrive with Gravite.

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Collect Feedback Directly from Pipedrive

Turn your daily conversation and team collaborations on Pipedrive into a source of actionable data with our Slack connector. Access insights previously out of reach.

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    Connect Pipedrive in just a few clicks to Gravite and start harnessing the full potential of daily team conversation.

  • Connect your Pipedrive channel

    Extract every messages from Pipedrive channel. Get deep insights into team dynamics and customer sentiments, crucial for strategic business growth

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Automate Analysis of Pipedrive messages with AI



Say goodbye to time-consuming manual processes. Our AI offers clear, quick insights from Pipedrive messages, enabling you to make decisions efficiently.

  • Users' pain points

    Quick access to a list of users' pain points, sorted by priority.

  • Dynamic Current Trends

    We've designed a dashboard to help you effortlessly understand current issues.

  • Evaluating your users' feelings

    Gravite AI provides insight into your customers' feelings, enabling you to better understand their satisfaction.

Convert Your Pipedrive Insights into Tangible Actions

With Gravite AI, elevate your Pipedrive discussions beyond mere conversations. Transform these insights into concrete actions that enhance your service quality and team productivity.

  • Actionable insights powered by AI.

    Prioritize follow-ups based on AI-recommended insights.

  • A deeper understanding of your customers' needs and expectations.

    Foster a culture of data-driven decision-making within teams.

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“An incredible simplification of the process! What used to take hours to analyze is now done in a flash, all thanks to the power of Gravite AI.”

Sophie Moore

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