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Overview, a data analysis platform, specializes in providing businesses with actionable insights derived from complex data sets, including customer feedback across multiple channels. It enhances the efficiency of decision-making processes and the implementation of strategic initiatives by simplifying data collection and analysis.

Integrating with Claap, an all-in-one video recording solution, expands its capabilities specifically towards the analysis of call transcripts.

This integration allows for the automatic importation of call transcripts into, where they can be meticulously segmented and analyzed based on the type of user or meeting. This targeted approach ensures that insights are not only precise but also highly relevant to specific operational needs.

How to use

The synergy between and Claap introduces a streamlined method for transforming call transcripts into strategic insights. Here’s how organizations can leverage this powerful integration:

  1. Automatic Transcript Capture: Following collaborative sessions or calls facilitated through Claap, transcripts are automatically captured and transferred to This seamless process ensures that all verbal communications are accurately documented and made ready for analysis.
  2. Segmented Analysis: Within, these transcripts can be systematically segmented by user type or meeting category. This segmentation allows for a granular analysis of conversations, catering to the specific analytical needs of the business. Whether it's understanding customer feedback, team interactions, or project discussions, the platform provides tailored insights.
  3. Deriving Insights: Leveraging’s advanced analytical tools, businesses can extract meaningful insights from segmented transcripts. This includes identifying trends in customer satisfaction, pinpointing common questions or concerns, and uncovering insights into team dynamics or meeting effectiveness.
  4. Actionable Intelligence: The end goal of this integration is to equip businesses with actionable intelligence. By understanding the nuances of conversations based on user types or meeting contexts, organizations can make informed decisions to enhance customer experiences, improve team collaboration, and refine strategic planning.

This integration not only enriches the data analysis capabilities of with a richer dataset but also ensures that every conversation, every piece of feedback, and every collaborative effort is leveraged to its fullest potential for strategic benefit.

How to setup

Go to your workspace ➜ integrations ➜ Click on “Add integration”

NB : Make sure you are logged into you Claap Workspace

Now you can access all your recordings in the “Feedback” section, synced with customer data from your CRM

NB : only available if you made an integration with your CRM

You can analyze the content of all your recordings to reveal customer pain points, trending topics, customer satisfaction etc… into the “Reveal” Section

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