Top 5 Best Product Management Tools For Enhanced Efficiency

November 23, 2023


Welcome to this new article that will take you through the top 5 product management tools. To make your selection easier, I will provide the strengths and weaknesses of each tool in the top 5. Please note that this list of the best product tools is not ranked from best to worst. These are simply the 5 top tools for product teams.

1. Jira discovery

Everyone knows Jira and Atlassian, the company behind Jira, Confluence, and other popular tools. Recently, they introduced Jira Discovery. Product professionals are well aware that this software is not designed for product discovery but rather for gathering user feedback and aggregating it efficiently – something that was lacking in Jira before. This solution is a good fit for those who prefer to stay within the Jira ecosystem.

Pros and cons:

  • 👍 Well integrated with Jira
  • 👍 Allows you to break free from the project culture
  • 👎 Complex configuration
  • 👎 Limited visibility on impact
  • 👎 Limited features

2. Productboard

It would be impossible not to include Productboard in this top 5 list of tools for product managers. I have used this tool for several years, so I can provide a constructive review. Productboard is a pioneer in connecting insights to features, which has allowed me to gain clarity in my backlog by grouping related topics together.

The roadmap system is comprehensive, perhaps even too comprehensive. If you are looking to implement simple processes, it can sometimes be a bit complex with Productboard.

Pros and cons:

  • 👍 Clear interface
  • 👍 Robust roadmap system
  • 👎 Expensive
  • 👎 Overabundance of features, giving the impression of only utilizing 5% of the tool

3. Gravite

The European challenger aiming to create the first decision-making tool for product managers. They combine the best features of Productboard, Dovetail, and HubSpot, allowing you to manage your users, their feature requests, and your research all in one place. Their AI module automates analysis, enabling you to focus on high-value challenges.

Pros and cons:

  • 👍 All-in-one tool
  • 👍 User-friendly interface
  • 👍 Customer base visibility
  • 👍 Discovery and AI modules
  • 👎 Basic roadmap system

4. Craft

Interesting software, quite similar to Productboard. No specific information to add. You can use it according to your interface preferences...

5. Trello

If you have small needs, are starting your company, or have very few user feedback to manage, Trello will be a perfect tool for your usage. However, if you want to go further, the first four tools will be more suitable.